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Integration with vldPersonals
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Author:  samuel [ Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:20 am ]
Post subject:  Integration with vldPersonals

Tested on: vldPersonals 2.5.7

Download the attachment and unzip it. It contains two files used in the instructions below.

Creating Chat Page
1. Log in to the vldPersonals control panel.

2. Go to Content > Manage pages.

3. Select a group or add one if you do not have any group yet ("Add group").

4. After the group has been selected, click on "Add page".

5. Here are the fields and the appropriate values.
Name: Chat
Label: chat
Page: (leave this blank)
Custom template: chat_page_default
Hide for groups: Check "Canceled members" and "Guests".

6. Upload chat_page_default.tpl to your vldPersonals template directory. This is usually found under install_directory/templates. Edit the Site ID value to your your own account's ID before you upload the file.

Adding Chat Tab to the Navigation Bar
1. In the same template directory, open header.tpl.

2. Add this snippet just above the line containing </head>. Again, change the siteID value to your own. For server license customers, the sourceBase value must be changed to reflect your own as well.
<!-- IF loggedin -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var sourceBase="";
var siteID = "CBS1";
var tagName = "script";
document.write('<'+tagName+' language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="'+sourceBase+'chatblazer.js"></'+tagName+'>');
<!-- ENDIF -->

3. Look for this section.
<div id="headernav">

This section contains the list of navigation items. Add the following snippet as appropriate, in whatever order you desire.
<!-- IF loggedin -->
<!-- ENDIF -->

Using the Authentication Script
1. Upload chat_auth.php to your vldPersonals installation directory.

2. In the ChatBlazer administrator, under Site Settings, specify the URL to this script in the External User Data Source section. e.g.

With this script, users who are logged into vldPersonals will automatically be logged into ChatBlazer as well.

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