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 Post subject: Setting up HTTP Connection
PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:53 pm 
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ChatBlazer 8 natively supports HTTP connection between the chat client and the server, unlike ChatBlazer 7 where you needed an external J2EE server.

For the best user experience, it is recommended that a port be opened (default is 18001) to the server running the ChatBlazer server. This tutorial serves those whose network environment is beyond their control, or expect a significant portion of their users to be within strict firewalls with restrictive access.

Checking HTTP Connector is enabled

Check the server configuration, conf.xml for this line.

<http-connector host="" port="18008" context="/cb8app" path="/http"/>

This specifies the URL to be used for using the HTTP Connector. Based on the above, the URL should be:


Assuming port 18008 is opened, try accessing the URL directly in your browser, i.e. type the URL into the browser's address bar. You should see an output like this.

HttpConnector (1.0.005)

It's not very useful to have the port 18008 specifier in the URL as it is likely to be rendered the same fate as connecting directly due to firewalls. The following section will show you how to integrate the HTTP Connector with your web server.

Integration with web server

Apache 2.0, 2.2

This section shows you how to have the Apache web server proxy HTTP requests to the HTTP Connector.

Add the following to the Apache configuration (httpd.conf) :

ProxyPass /cb8app/ http://localhost:18008/cb8app/
ProxyPassReverse /cb8app/ http://localhost:18008/cb8app/

(You can add the lines on a global level, or specific to one of your virtual hosts section.)

Restart Apache and try the above URL, now without the 18008 port specifier. E.g.


If the URL opens in your browser, it means the chat client is able to connect using this URL. The client configuration (config.xml) already uses "/cb8app/http" as its default value.

Tip! If you will not be using the direct connection method, you can omit the port parameter inside config.xml so that it will immediately use the HTTP connection method instead of trying the direct connection first.

<socket host="" port="" timeout="15000" />

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 Post subject: Re: Setting up HTTP Connection
PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:05 am 
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For IIS 7 or 7.5, you will need to install Application Request Routing (ARR) extension

You can download the extension from ... st-routing

In this configuration we would assume that that both your web server and ChatBlazer server is running on the same machine.

To configure your ARR,
1. Launch Your IIS Manager or run inetmgr
2. Open "Application Request Routing Cache"
3. At the side menu, click on "Server Proxy Settings..."
4. Check on Enable proxy
5. Set HTTP version to Pass through
6. Uncheck "Include TCP port from client IP"
7. Check on "Use URL Rewrite to inspect incoming requests" and Set the value of Reverse Proxy to localhost:18008
8. Click on Apply on the right side menu to save the changes
9. Click on "URL Rewrite..." on the right side menu
10. Add a new blank Rule for Inbound Rule or just edit the ARR_server_proxy
11. Set the Match URL pattern to *cbxapp*
12. Under Action, set type to Rewrite and the URL to http://localhost:18008/cbxapp/http
13. Click on Apply on the right menu when you are done.

To test if your HTTP Connector is setup correctly, open your web browser and go to http://localhost/cbxapp/http. You should see the message "HttpConnector (1.0.005) if it is setup correctly.

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